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Coalition Summary

Established in 2007, the Aging Services Collaborative (ASC) of Santa Clara County serves as a means for community organizations to network, exchange information, and provide leadership and address goals for improving the lives of Santa Clara County older adults. The ASC engages in advocacy and acts as a catalyst for community partnerships to work together to find innovative solutions that will benefit older adults. With a reach of 31,250 people per month, the ASC consists of 85 organizations and over 150 active individuals, including city and county agencies, faith-based groups, for-profit and non-profit organizations, and other community advocates.

The ASC is part of The SCAN Foundation’s Community of Constituents initiative, building a statewide movement to transform the system of care so that all Californians can age with dignity, choice and independence.

Coalition Mission and Vision

The ASC is a consortium of organizations and individuals working together to provide leadership and build community-wide capacity to support, maintain, promote the well-being of older adults and their caregivers, and to foster a livable community for all ages in Santa Clara County.

Our vision is that older adults of all ages and diverse cultures are valued members of their community, are actively engaged, and have a range of options that meet their needs as they age in place.

Our Committees

Caregiver Conference Committee

Play a role in planning the biggest caregiver conference in the county and caregiver workshops throughout the year in the Latino, Vietnamese and Chinese communities.
Contact: Christina Irving, or Tina Wong-Erling,

Long Term Services and Support Committee

Play a role planning and advocating for long-term care supports and services that address and meet consumer need.
Contact: Sonali Parnami, or Marilou Cristina,

Membership Committee

Recommend strategies to enhance membership and evaluate member benefits and what members value most to incorporate into planning and sustainability.
Contact: Karen Storey,

Policy and Advocacy Committee

Play a pivotal role in educating the community and political leaders about the needs of older adults.
Contact: Bev DeKoven, or Georgia Bacil,

Program Committee

Plan quarterly meetings to enhance member education.
Contact: Tammie Pitkin, or Amy Andonian,